FIT Count app

The PoMS recording season started on 1 April and counts can be added from any date up until the end of September, whenever the weather is suitable (warm and dry!).

A new app is available that allows you to carry out a FIT Count and upload the results all in one go.

Features include:

  • All FIT Count data can be entered in the field - no internet signal required
  • Counts can be saved and uploaded immediately, or when you return to base
  • Includes insect groups identification guide
  • English and Welsh languages available within the app
  • Can use device GPS to automatically record your location

Once your Counts have been saved and uploaded, you will be able to view them via the FIT Count map on this website. If you need to edit your Count after uploading from the app, you will need to register on this website, using the same email address that you used to register on the app.